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Sotilasjuoksu - Soldier run

The most functional recruitment event ever!

OFRD has created a unique concept, Sotilasjuoksu – Soldier run. A relaxed event where conscripts (Finnish soldiers) compete in a variety of fun sports and get to know some recruitment opportunities in practice. At the event, we want to support young adults in their busy lifestyles and offer to help them find meaningful activities after the army.

The event isa unique concept that takes place in closed military areas. We’ve created the concept and executed it in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces. For brands, we offer a great opportunity to meet young adults thinking about their possible career steps after the army. We’ve held the event yearly multiple times indifferent military areas throughout 2017-2020.

The event consists of three different areas

1. Obstacle course where the soldiers compete in the team on the obstacle course against time.

2. At sports area, the soldiers have the opportunity to try out different sports.Athletic clubs and federations introduce the soldiers to the sports and their own activities.

3. In the recruitment area, the soldier can go around meeting various recruiters and at the same time hear about employment and career opportunities. Companies like Smile, Verisure, Urbaser, Lassila and Tikanoja, VMP, R-Kioski, Kovanen and Kesko among others have been involved in the events and enjoyed the unique opportunity to meet possible future colleagues. 

After the event, everyone also receives a Soldier run bag containing various useful items, e.g.for camps. Earlier bags have been found e.g. sports bars, noodles, Icepower, Compeed patches and vitamins.


Please see below some video and images of the event.


Soldier run is a unique recruitment concept created and executed by OFRD multiple times yearly throughout 2017-2020.


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