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For over a decade now, we've had the joy of working side by side with Paulig. It's been a journey filled with numerous event marketing campaigns, each one a new adventure. Just this past year, in 2023, we embarked on an exciting project: a campus tour to drum up buzz for Paulig's new Frezza flavors.

Our approach to this tour was to blend humor with eye-catching visuals, creating an experience that wouldn't just catch the eye, but stay in the memory. We toured 15 different university campuses across Finland, sharing over 5,000 samples of the new Frezza products. The response? Nothing short of fantastic, especially from the campus restaurants where Frezza is served. The interaction with students was exactly what we'd hoped for, and the new flavors received heaps of praise.

Our relationship with Paulig has grown beautifully over the years. We've expanded our services to cover everything from the initial planning stages to providing skilled staff, managing warehousing and logistics, and even creating eye-catching event designs and impactful print materials.

We're really proud of what we've achieved with Paulig and are excited to keep this partnership going. Together, we're looking forward to dreaming up more innovative ideas and reaching even greater heights of success.

A decade of delight: Unveiling our 12-year partnership with Paulig

12 Years of creative collaboration: celebrating our journey with Paulig and the success of our latest campus tour


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