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Paulig Cold Brew launch tour

We've worked together with our beloved customer Paulig since 2011. We've been involved in multiple different actions for their outstanding coffee products. E.g. we built a concept for Paulig Cupsolo grocery store / shopping center tour that lasted for years and for thousands of promotion days among consumers. We were fully responsible for the concept, all promotions, all logistics and coordination.

We've also created a concept and executed a launch tour for Paulig's new ready-to-drink cold coffees.

In 2019 we designed and executed the Paulig Cold Brew launch tour. We didn't want to do the usual tasting, so the idea of the concept was to taste the new drinks at school canteens where we could reach the target audience, young adults. We created the tasting trays familiar, familiar from breweries, to which all flavors were poured for testing. The tour took place for a longer period of time in multiple schools and universities.

We also integrated social media to the tour, with dozens of Instagram and Facebook shares published from each tasting.

Please see below some video and images of the tour.

Paulig Cold Brew

We designed and executed the Paulig Cold Brew launch tour in schools and universities in Finland.


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