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We're all about crafting experiences that leave a lasting impression, and our latest adventure at Stockmann's Crazy Days event is a perfect example. Picture this: a live auction, buzzing with energy, right in the middle of a shopping frenzy. Our goal? To sprinkle some extra fun into the Crazy Days shopping spree, showcasing the products on offer and boosting sales simultaneously.

Imagine a crowd, diverse as the day is long, all gathered around. Our auction had a little bit of magic for everyone – from dreamy wedding dresses and sparkling diamond rings to playful children's items, cozy furniture, and even enticing travel packages. It was like a treasure trove of delights, each waiting for its new owner.

And guess what? It was a roaring success! Our auction didn't just turn heads at the event; it caught the eye of the media too. Iltalehti, a well-known outlet, ran a feature on us titled, "An Unusual Stunt! Department store's auction features Moomin mug and light fixture worth thousands: 'A rarity, only on sale this year.'" Talk about making waves!

Behind the scenes, our team was the maestro of the show. We handled everything – the visual theme, the furniture, staffing, and the seamless coordination of the event. We created an atmosphere that was both lively and in sync with the 'Crazy Days' vibe. The result? An auction that was not just a bidding war but an exhilarating experience. The feedback from those who attended was through the roof – they loved the fresh twist we added to their shopping journey.

What we did at Crazy Days was more than just an auction; it was a spectacle, a first of its kind at this shopping extravaganza. This unique twist not only spiced up the shopping experience but also drove sales and grabbed media attention, all while giving attendees a time to remember.

This project is a testament to our knack for blending creativity, meticulous planning, and impeccable execution to bring extraordinary event experiences to life. We're always eager to break new ground and craft something truly unforgettable, no matter the occasion.

Bidding for Fun: A Live Auction Experience at Stockmann's Crazy Days

OFRD's auction adventure: A thrilling addition to Crazy Days shopping event!


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