OFRD tapahtumamarkkinointi
OFRD event marketing Helsinki Drink Festival


With Alpro we've been working together since 2013. We've done dozens of fair, exhibition, street promotions, product launches and tastings throughout the years for different products. For all activations we've created the concept, produced all materials and coordinated everything from promoters and ambassadors to logistics.

In 2019-2020 we designed and created a fair tour for Alpro. All fair materials consisted on 95% recycled materials, reprensenting Alpro's sustainability. All materials were modular, so it's easy to use the same building block on different sized areas.

We're also designed some trolleys for Alpro, to be used in multiple occasions from tastings on the streets to sports events.

We're happy to continue a successful cooperation with Alpro.

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Alpro is a long-time, beloved customer of OFRD. Throughout the years we've done a lot of different activations and consumer encounters with them.


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