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When OFRD, a trailblazer in event marketing, teams up with Alpro/Danone, a powerhouse in the global brand arena, the result is nothing short of a masterclass in marketing localization. Our partnership, which took off in 2013, has been a journey of countless successful trade shows, vibrant street promotions, and impactful product launches, all finely tuned to the Finnish market's unique vibe.

Picture this: tens of thousands of product samples making their way across Finland, a cornerstone strategy in experiential marketing. These events did wonders for boosting brand visibility and also translated into significant direct sales, delighting customers with thousands of euros in cash back. And the cherry on top? The OFRD team, renowned for their top-notch sales skills and deep understanding of the local market, ensured each event was a smashing success.

In the 2019-2020 period, we rode the wave of sustainability, a trend gaining momentum in event marketing. We crafted a trade show concept where a whopping 95% of the materials were recyclable, perfectly in sync with Alpro's commitment to sustainable development. The stand was a marvel of modularity, showcasing our knack for delivering flexible and scalable solutions, adaptable to various event sizes and styles.

One of our most daunting challenges? Picture the logistics of distributing over 20,000 products in the heart of Helsinki, all in a single day. But, with our seasoned expertise in event planning and execution, we turned this daunting task into a golden opportunity. We decked out refrigerated trucks and set up stylish tasting carts, making it possible to distribute products efficiently and with flair in multiple locations.

As we step into 2021, our collaboration with Alpro continues to thrive, a testament to our dedication to forging enduring partnerships with our clients. So, keep your eyes peeled – we've got a slew of thrilling projects up our sleeve that are set to further cement our reputation in the realms of marketing localization and event marketing!

Alpro/Danone & OFRD: A Global Brand's Local Success Story in Event Marketing

Alpro and OFRD: a cherished partnership spanning years of diverse activations and memorable consumer engagements


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