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For the past three years, we've been fortunate enough to work closely with FrieslandCampina, building a partnership that's both strong and fruitful. Our main goal has been to tailor their marketing efforts to fit just right with the Finnish market.

During our time together, we've rolled out a variety of initiatives. This includes everything from tastings in stores and outdoors, to creating ads that really make an impact, writing copy that grabs attention, carefully planning media strategies, launching competitions that go viral, and designing point-of-sale materials that catch the eye. One of our standout achievements has been boosting the presence of FrieslandCampina's Parrano cheese in Finnish supermarkets, thanks to our focused sampling campaigns.

The response from our customers has been incredibly positive, a clear sign of the successful teamwork between our companies. We're excited to share that our partnership is set to continue, which means we'll be working even harder to strengthen FrieslandCampina's position in the Finnish market.

Looking to the future, we're eager to broaden our marketing initiatives across various channels, aiming to reach a wider audience and further elevate FrieslandCampina's brand presence. We're confident that our ongoing collaboration will bring even more success to FrieslandCampina in Finland.

This updated text highlights the specific outcomes of our collaboration with FrieslandCampina and outlines our plans moving forward, making it more engaging and informative.

Design by Jeremias Sarvela

Driving Success in the Finnish Market: A FrieslandCampina Marketing Collaboration

Three years of growth: How our partnership with FrieslandCampina transformed the Finnish market 🚀🧀


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