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Over the last three years, we've had the privilege of teaming up with Storytel, focusing our efforts on event marketing to boost their brand visibility, attract new subscribers, and showcase their incredible services. Our journey together has been marked by some truly innovative campaigns, including an engaging campus tour and the exciting Storytel Wheel of Fortune tour.

On the campus tour, we handed out over 8,000 vouchers to students at various Finnish educational institutions, which led to a noticeable jump in new subscriptions. The Wheel of Fortune tour was just as successful, drawing in over 12,000 people and helping to grow Storytel's subscriber base even more. One of the most heartwarming moments was when an elderly couple told us how Storytel's services had enriched their lives, a beautiful reminder of the real impact of our work.

Our partnership with Storytel goes beyond just organizing events. We offer a full package of services, including concept planning, managing tour logistics, graphic design, staffing, and social media management. We've also created captivating print materials, digital animations, and even developed the digital Wheel of Fortune game.

The feedback from Storytel has been incredibly positive, and it's been a source of great pride for us to contribute to their growth in the Finnish market. Right now, we're pouring our passion into creating engaging content for various social media platforms, helping to strengthen Storytel's online presence and deepen their connection with their audience.

Looking forward, we're driven by our commitment to creativity and success, aiming to help Storytel become the top audiobook provider in Finland. We're excited to continue this fruitful partnership and reach even more milestones together.

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Elevating Brand Awareness: 3 Years of Event Marketing Success with Storytel!

📈🎯 From vouchers to wheels: Our epic Storytel journey!


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