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Imagine a scene straight out of an action movie: a bright, sunny day, you're decked out in a military uniform, your heart is racing with adrenaline, and you're in the midst of a lively crowd of 900 conscripts. They're all there to test their mettle in an obstacle course, try their hand at various sports, and most importantly, to scout out their future career paths. This is the "Military Run" event – a dynamic playground where conscripts and recruiters come together in a unique setting.

The heart of this event beats with a dual purpose: to champion physical and mental wellness among young adults and to highlight the importance of teamwork in carving out a successful path in life. But there's more to it than just physical challenges and team spirit. We're here to bridge the gap for these young men and women as they transition from military life to civilian society. And we've got the support of leading recruitment companies and charitable organizations to make this happen.

Each day, the event draws in about 900 conscripts, offering our clients a golden chance to connect with a specific demographic – young adults aged 19-27. The "Military Run" isn't just an event; it's an interactive platform where conscripts can get a real feel for what their future jobs might be like.

The event is a thrilling trifecta:

  1. The Obstacle Course Race: Here, conscripts team up to race against time on a specially designed track, testing their endurance and teamwork.
  2. Sports Stations: Conscripts get a chance to try out various sports, under the guidance of professional sports clubs and federations.
  3. The Recruitment Area: This is where the real magic happens. Conscripts hop from one recruiter station to another, learning about job opportunities and careers. They even get a taste of job-related tasks. After visiting all the stations, they're rewarded with a "Military Run" sample bag, packed with useful items for their service – think sports bars, noodles, muscle relief gels, and more.

The event has attracted big names like Liikenneareena, Posti, Fazer, and the Police, along with over 15 different unions. But why should your recruitment company jump on board? Here's why:

  • You'll engage directly with a focused group of young adults, ripe for recruitment.
  • Past participants have snagged hundreds of leads, leading to numerous successful hires.
  • The event offers unparalleled brand visibility among the 1000 attendees, boosting your employer branding.
  • It's an action-packed, hands-on showcase of potential job roles.
  • You can tailor your stations and obstacles to reflect your company's ethos and branding.
  • It's a one-of-a-kind event – there's nothing else like "Military Run" out there.
  • Every participant gets a planning meeting to ensure they get the most out of the event.

Don't just take our word for it – our past participants have been thrilled:

  • "Fascinating to meet the conscripts and be part of the event."
  • "The event was well-organized, and everything worked seamlessly on site."
  • "We reached a good number of conscripts who were really engaged in the activities!"
  • "The contact with potential recruits was excellent. Plus, the conscripts seemed to have a great time. A really good event!"

So, are you ready to dive into this talent battleground? Experience recruitment in the most exhilarating way at the "Military Run" and start your hunt for the next big talent!

Military Run: The Ultimate Talent Battle!

Unleash your recruitment power at the thrilling "Military Run" event: Hunt for top talent in action!


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