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SF-Films Trolls

With SF-Films we also have a longer history of cooperation. For their "Trolls" film we created a concept with "Morning Hugs" and an Invitation only guest show for the film.

For the "Morning Hugs" cheerful promotional workers in Trolls-style shared hugs for morning commuters on subways. Funny Trolls characters lined the streets in people's minds and hugged the tired commuters.

In the guest show, the Helsinki Tennis Palace transformed into a spectacular fairy tale world with colors, balls, music and lights to support the film's theme. The colorful and cozy atmosphere of the guest show set the stage for a memorable movie.

Our event staff took of the smoothness of the event, the children's program of the movie with music stars Kasimir and Eveliina.

Please see some video and images below.

SF-Films Trolls

For SF-Films we've created a lot of different things, from hugging people on the streets to invitation only guest shows.


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