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When OFRD, a wizard in the realm of event marketing, teams up with SF-Films, a giant in the movie world, magic happens! Our adventures together have taken us to the most whimsical places – think sandy beaches, cozy spas, and lively children's football matches. And we've done it all with flair and finesse, handling everything from charismatic brand ambassadors to the nitty-gritty of logistics.

Back in 2018, we conjured up a heartwarming "morning hug" campaign in downtown Helsinki for the Trolls movie. Picture this: employees, dressed up in the vibrant spirit of Trolls, spreading love and warmth with hugs at Helsinki Railway Station. This unique street promotion added a splash of joy and surprise to the usual morning rush, turning even the dreariest mornings into a burst of color and happiness.

For an exclusive, invitation-only event, we transformed Tennispalatsi into a dreamy Trolls wonderland. The place was alive with the movie's spirit, decked out in colorful decorations and mood-setting lighting. A DJ spun tracks from the movie's soundtrack, immersing guests in a cinematic experience that felt like stepping right into the Trolls universe.

Our journey with SF-Films is far from over. We're buzzing with excitement for the upcoming event marketing projects we have in store. So, keep your eyes peeled – there's plenty more where that came from!

SF-Films Trolls

Embark on a journey of unforgettable collaborations: OFRD and SF-Films unite to create magic in event marketing!


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