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At Work Hunt, each recruiter's station is more than just a booth – it's a hub of brand activation. Here, students can engage in unique activities like VR logistics games and tailored company questionnaires, sparking a real interest. This isn't just advertising; it's an immersive, interactive experience where students can talk about job opportunities and gain valuable insights straight from the industry.

But Work Hunt's goals go beyond just helping students kickstart their logistics careers. It's a goldmine for companies too. It's a place for generating leads, networking with a pool of talented individuals, managing customer relationships, and getting your brand in front of an eager audience. Plus, it offers companies a chance to see potential candidates in action, a refreshing change from the usual interview process.

And it's not all serious business. Work Hunt knows how to mix in a bit of fun, with activities like chess tournaments and freestyle football games adding a playful twist to the marketing mix.

Here's how it works: Students, grouped by class, navigate through various checkpoints over 2-3 hours. They carry a 'checkpoint passport', collecting stamps at each recruiter's station. Once they've completed the tour, they're rewarded with a bag full of goodies – think coffee, energy drinks, and chocolate bars, all thanks to OFRD's sample bag partners.

For companies keen on diving into this unique event, either as participants or sponsors, you can get in touch with Riku Kosonen at riku@ofrd.fi or give a call to +358 44 0160693. Dive into Work Hunt – it's more than just an event, it's an engaging and rewarding journey into the logistics sector!

Work Hunt: A new era of engagement in event marketing


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